Serve your customers better in six weeks.

Do you want to reach a broader audience and get more customers? Do you want to identify bottlenecks in your website and increase conversions? Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your pages and earn more money?

I am Dom Habersack, a consultant and developer based in Munich, Germany, and I can do all that for you.

Whether you have an existing site that is not performing well or want to create a new site, web application, or online store: I can help you reach your customers and make it easy for them to do business with you.


I specialize in creating and revising web-based products such as corporate or e-commerce websites and web applications, with engagements usually covering several of the following aspects.

If the services I offer match what you are looking for, contact me at so we can talk about your project!

Conversion optimization

If your product is not generating enough revenue, I will analyze and monitor your current traffic and run a series of tests to identify bottlenecks in your conversion funnels. I will then evaluate several improvements and implement the most effective ones for you.

The duration of this process usually spans several months and requires very little supervision: I plan and run tests for you and provide you with a summary of the results every few weeks.

Frontend development

Frontend development concerns itself with user interfaces, meaning what your visitors see and how they interact with the provided information. It looks at areas ranging from performance to information architecture and visual design.

Making sure your site loads fast and implementing a responsive design, which makes sure your site looks and works great on all devices, are part of improving the user experience and getting your site in front of as many people as possible.

I create sites that make use of device- and browser-specific capabilities such as high-DPI (“retina”) displays, touch screens, geolocation, and many other features to ensure your visitors always have the best possible experience in any situation.

The underlying technology does not limit the frontend: your site can be made to look and work the way you want regardless of the system it is built on.

I offer extensive knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This includes preprocessors, tools, and frameworks such as Sass, jQuery, Angular.js, Ember.js, and many others.

Backend development

The backend is the underlying system that powers your site. It allows you to modify content, processes the information you provide, and stores it for later retrieval.

Most sites can be built on top of existing platforms, such as WordPress or Kirby for content-centric sites or Shopify for online stores. By using established platforms, you can focus on your content and presentation without having to rebuild basic functionality from scratch. You also gain access to the large pool of developers already familiar with these systems.

I can develop custom applications for you in case your needs cannot be satisfied by any of the available options. While this requires more time to build, it also gives you complete control over what goes into your application.

Most of my programming is done in Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP. However, the services I offer are not bound to specific technologies: while there are platforms, programming languages, and tools I am more proficient with, I will pick up any new technologies your project requires.

Platform migration

If your product has outgrown the system it is built on, I can identify a more suitable platform and migrate the existing content over for you. This could mean moving your site to another content management system or even a custom-built application.

A platform migration offers an opportunity to also refresh the presentation of your content, which could be performed at the same time.


I can build a prototype which will allow you to evaluate a new idea and find potential users. We will identify the core features of your product together, after which I will create a Minimum Viable Product you can use to collect user feedback.

To keep costs low, I will use technologies which enable rapid prototyping. However, as prototypes are disposable and rarely fit for use in production, it is unlikely you will be able to continue using it after the evaluation unless additional time and effort are invested.

While this can be arranged, please be aware that writing production-level code is more time-consuming and thus more expensive.


I value collaboration and communication, and believe we can achieve the best result by closely working together. While I offer technical expertise, your domain-specific knowledge can and should influence the outcome of your project.

After a discovery phase, during which we talk about the problem you are trying to solve, I will write up a proposal including an estimate for the expected work. I charge a daily or weekly rate, depending on the project.

Instead of investing time in detailed static images of what the result might look like in Photoshop or similar software, I will get a working product in front of you as early as possible. This enables us to get a feel for the actual result and quickly evaluate options for improvements without being bound to specifications. To support this approach, I might additionally create sketches and wireframes.

We will originally focus development on core features, extending the functionality over time as we gain insight after customer feedback. Improvements to both functionality and design will be introduced in small iterations. You will have access to the frequently updated work-in-progress and be able to give feedback at any time. You decide how much or how little you want to be involved, and I welcome any comments you may have so we can make sure the adjustments are always on par with your expectations.

I usually work remotely, and we will communicate frequently using tools available on the web. I can provide you with access to systems for this if you do not have ones in place already. We can also hold in-person meetings, should the need for them arise.

Naturally, none of this is set in stone: any number of adjustments can be made if you prefer to work differently.

Contact me at to tell me about your project so we can figure out how I can help you achieve your goals!