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#55September 23, 2020

The global .gitignore

Instead of ignoring the same files specific to your machine in every project, exclude them globally once for all your projects.

#45July 15, 2020

JavaScript sorts arrays weird

By default, an array of numbers will not be sorted numerically. To avoid unexpected results, we can tell it how to sort an array.

#41June 17, 2020

Enthusiasm does not mean priority

One of the harder parts of product development is knowing what to focus on. Your latest cool idea might not need immediate attention.

#34April 29, 2020

Writing code for others to read

Clever code isn’t always the most readable. Especially when working in teams, readability has to come first.

#30April 1, 2020

How to understand any codebase

Treat existing codebases as a blackbox. Take small pieces and write tests for them to understand a project’s inner workings step by step.

#27March 11, 2020

Questions to ask in job interviews

Job interviews are tests for both sides. Use them to figure out if the company you are applying to is a place you really want to work at.

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