Can you recommend other podcasts like these?

August 19, 2020

Whenever I am doing chores or taking my dog for a walk, I am listening to podcasts. For the past decade, they have been a constant source of education and entertainment for me.

Right now, I am subscribed to 71 podcasts from all kinds of genres. Some are about tech, some are about business, some are about music and video games. Currently, I particularly enjoy the “two friends talking about their businesses” format. These are usually done by two founders who update each other on their challenges.

It is fascinating to follow them as they “work in public”. They share details of their professional journey you don’t normally hear. As a consultant, it can seem like all business boils down to OKRs, Scrum, and sprint planning. There is an entirely different world of product development that has nothing to do with them.

The hosts talk about struggles with pricing changes, competition, and their daily work. I find it super motivating to see that all this stuff doesn’t come easy to others either. It’s okay to try a few things, and it’s okay to fail.

Unfortunately, I am now all caught up on these podcasts and don’t have any more episodes to listen to. I thought you might have a suggestion or two for me. These are the ones I am subscribed to right now:

If you are not subscribed to any of them, give them a try. If you know some of them, do you know any others like them that I missed?

If not, I still want to know what you are listening to. Hit reply and tell me about your three favorite podcasts!

– Dom

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