Write like Hemingway

October 9, 2019

Writing is best when it is easily understood by readers. Long sentences and fancy words do not make for a pleasant reading experience. Everything I write goes through an extensive editing phase to improve its readability.

This editor was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s minimalist writing style:


I run my texts through it to learn which areas I need to rewrite. It shows which sentences are too long and which words have easier alternatives. After a few iterations, my posts and mails are much easier to read. It’s a super cool tool I wouldn’t want to write without anymore. If you do any longform writing, give it a try. It is excellent for blog posts, JIRA tickets, or documentation.

They have a paid downloadable version, but the free online version works just fine. As you use it, you will find that you get used to the patterns this leads you towards. Over time, your writing will naturally improve.

I published a post on writing better user stories this week. Combine that post with the Hemingway editor and you are well on your way to write better tickets!

– Dom

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